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WB23 Windrose 100ml Plastic Ultrasonic Diffuser


DC5V Ultrasonic diffuser

Plastic base and wooden decal cover.

With USB cable or certified adaptor as option

Water tank capacity: 100 ml

Mist outpout: 10 ml /h (+/- 3 ml) --10 working hours of diffusion in continuous mode and 18 hours in intermittent mode

Coverage: area 30 sqm

Two function buttons with led light through pictograms

7 colors changing light can be ambient light as well


° Input power: AC100-240V 50/60Hz;

* Output power: DC 5V 1000MA

*Electric consumption: 5W


2 Function buttons:

On/Off button

° 1st Press: continuous diffusion

° 2d Press: intermittent diffusion 30 sec on – 30 sec off

° 3d Press: Off

Light Button

° 1st Press: 7 colorchanging light

° 2d Press: select light

° 3d Press: Light Off


Ultrasonic diffuser/Humidifier, Essential oil, Aroma therapy, Plastic, water tank capacity:100ml, Ambient light, Home decoration

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