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WB160 Opale 150ml Glass Ultrasonic Diffuser


° DC24V Ultrasonic diffuser with rubber wooden base. 

° Translucent art glass cover

° Warm white light  and breathing light

° 1/2/3 Hours timer Function 

° continuous and intermittent diffusion modes

° Mist output: 25 ml/hr (+/- 5 ml/h) ,5-6 working hours in continuous  or 10-11 working hours in intermittent mode 

° Automatic shut-off 

° Certified AC/DC adaptor


° Input power: AC100-240V 50/60Hz; 

* Output power: DC 24V 500MA

*Electric consumption : 24W


°Mist button

   Press 1: continuous diffusion

   Press 2: 30sec on/off intermittent diffusion

   Press 3: off

°Timer button

 - Turn on 1st position: timer 1 hour , than diffusion & light off

 - Turn on 2nd position: timer 2 hours, than diffusion & light off

 - Turn on 3rd position: timer 3 hours, than diffusion & light off

-At  <0> position, continuous diffusion and light on, no timer function

°Light button

-Press 1 :100 % warm white

-Press 2 : 50 % warm white light

-Press 3:  breathing light 

- Press 4:off 


Ultrasonic diffuser/Humidifier, Essential oil, Aroma therapy, eco-friendly materials Glass, water tank capacity:150ml, Ambient light, Home decoration

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